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From: Greg Frost
Date: 19 Jun 2019

Dear Friend,

Did you know that your present and future are greatly dependent on your past? I’m not talking about what you did yesterday, a week, or even a month ago. What I’m about to reveal to you predates everything you’ve ever done.

In fact, it predates you and me, and perhaps everyone you have ever known in your life.

I’m talking about Laws.

Not criminal laws, not civil laws, but the Laws of Life.

“ Just As Our Societies Are Governed By Laws To Ensure Order And Security For Everyone, Our Lives Are Ulimately Governed By The Six Universal Laws Of Life. ”

These Laws are not new. They weren’t thought up by some Dr. Phil-wannabe trying to make a name for himself or a quick buck.

These Laws have existed since the dawn of religion, and some even have the opinion that they’ve existed long before that, put into practice in some way, shape, or form that would, to us modern creatures, be considered primitive.

I say this because people of all races, age, genders, religions or nationalities adhere to these Laws on instinct, even if they are not necessarily aware of their existence.

Every time someone aspires to achieve some form of success, they would, most of the time, subconsciously apply certain concepts from a particular Law (or several Laws).

But here’s why most people don’t truly succeed in their endeavors:

“ They Don’t Have All The Pieces Of The
Puzzle That We Call Life. ”

It’s all well and good to be able to apply certain concepts from certain Laws, but in order for you to succeed you need to be aware of the existence of ALL the Laws, and then apply it to your life and all your endeavors.

Allow me to share with you a personal account of my own experience with these Laws.

As a young man, I was a little directionless. My days were monotonous and routine; it was a repetitive process of waking up, getting to school, then to a part-time job, getting home, dinner, and then bed.

I had very little ambition for pretty much anything.

“ We Were All Foolish When Young..."

Not even moving out of my parents’ home and getting my own place.

Until a family friend stayed over for a brief period.

This family friend (henceforth referred to as Joe, for anonymity’s sake) was a good friend of my father’s, and he was the jolliest person you could ever come across. Joe was very much carefree, just like I was back in the day, but one thing he did have that we didn’t was wealth.

Yet he showed very little of it, and very rarely. He dressed the same as my father; simple shirt, decent slacks, and well-worn shoes. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that they both shopped in the same suburban mall.

But Joe was never strapped for cash. In fact, he gave our family $20,000 to help us out of our financial woes. My father had been laid off from work, and we were struggling to make ends meet.

He never expected anything in return; the gesture was made in good faith and sincerity. Having witnessed this act of generosity, my curiosity about this man was perked.

" Should Be On Everyone's Must Have List. . . "

Greg, I’m just writing to tell you that you’ve enlightened me. I never realized that following certain guidelines (or laws, as you put it) was crucial to the way we live our lives. The Law of Attraction was something I’ve heard of before, but I had only known of mere snippets.

Laws Of Successful Living has provided a very detailed insight of what the law of Attraction is all about, and I know now how to take full advantage of that particular law.

The step-by-step guide on how to apply the law to our daily lives was really helpful, and it got me off on the right foot in changing the way I engage in my business dealings. I’m finding that I’m getting better prospects ever since I’ve applied the law, and I’m closing more sales than ever before!

This book should be on everyone’s must-have list, because the laws really do play a big part in our lives, more than most people realize.

James Kirby
Stamford, CT

" Really Changed My Outlook On Life. . . "

Hi Greg, just wanted you to know that I found your book to be a great read. Laws Of Successful Living really changed my outlook on life. I had never thought that our lives were subject to certain laws in order for us to determine the outcome.

You’re right in saying that these laws are universal, because a lot of religions have these concepts in common. They’re really common sense, to be honest, but the strange thing is we’ve never been made aware of them and the ways we can implement them fully into our lives.

Thanks again for the great book, Greg. I’ve learned a lot from it.

Carl Reddings
Los Angeles, CA

" Noticed Vast Improvements In
My Personal Life. "

I’m just emailing you to let you know how much I enjoyed reading Laws of Successful Living. In fact I used to have problems with several aspects of my life, but after applying some of the principles mentioned within the book, I’ve noticed vast improvements in my personal life.

It’s so convenient as well! Whenever I couldn’t read the book I just played the MP3 tracks on my iPod and I was learning on the go, just like that.

Thanks again Greg!

Marie Richmond
Newport, VT


“Just How Could He Hand Us A Check For Twenty
Grand As Though It Was A Mere Dollar Bill?”

Did he have his hand in some crooked scheme, I wondered?

(Keep in mind that $20,000 back in the day was a considerably large sum.)

I was a pretty nosy brat back in the day, and I didn’t give a second thought to asking him right out.

He laughed, of course, and told me that I was being ridiculous.

Then he sat me down and began talking about the philosophies by which he lived his life.

He told me the story of how in his travels he once met an old man of Native American origin, and how they had both discussed life at length. The old man was filled with insight, he said, and he spoke of the basic rules of life that his family had lived by for generations.

“ He Spoke Of Ancient Philosophies That Were Still Being Applied In Modern Day Context. ”

While the old man had been Native American, he had Indian ancestry, and thus believed in concepts such as Karma and reincarnation. This old man related to Joe the Law of Karma and the Law of Gratitude, the two most basic Laws the old man lived by.

It struck Joe then that even though he, a devout Christian, and this old man were from two different backgrounds, living two different lives, subscribing to two different beliefs, they shared similar principles on life.

His brief encounter with the old man convinced him that there were more of such principles shared by many of different cultures and of different religions.

Over the years, he learned that there were six most basic Universal Laws that we need to adhere to in order for us to be successful in life:

  • The Law of Attraction
  • The Law of Vibration
  • The Law of Karma
  • The Law of Gratitude
  • The Law of Love
  • The Law of Allowing

Upon realizing this, he applied these Laws to his life the best he could, and it was a matter of time before everything started to fall into place, as he envisioned they would.

That talk with Joe had been the most important life lesson I had ever gotten from anyone.

I’ve lived my life in accordance to these Laws ever since, and I must say that I am glad that I have, because I believe I have been blessed with much of what life has to offer because of it.

I know what you’re probably thinking right now.

Right now you’re reading this and thinking:

“What does this have to do with me?”


“Why should I keep reading past this point?”

You’re probably right in thinking that you shouldn’t read past this point.

Unless of course, you’re willing to pass up the chance of achieving massive success, success that has thus far been eluding you your entire life.

" You Just Keep Churning Out Great
Products Every Time. . . "

Hey Greg, I’ve been a supporter of your products for years now, and I have to say that you just keep churning out great products every time.

I simply loved Laws of Successful Living, and I couldn’t agree more on the chapter on karma. I’ve lived my life following the law of karma but I hadn’t realized that there’s so much more to know about the other laws of life.

Thanks for the enlightenment Greg, hope to see more of your products on the market soon!

Janice M.
Manhasset, NY

" This Book Certainy Provides A Great Insight On What We've Been Missing Out On. "

I don’t buy self improvement products often, but having read your book I think I might need to reconsider my stance on such products.

I think most people are aware that there are certain elements in life that are beyond our comprehension, and this book certainly provides a great insight on what we’ve been missing out on.

I was especially intrigued by the chapter on the law of allowing. I must say that I didn’t quite understand it at first, but having read the chapter again I understood what you were trying to say. We’re instinctively resistant of accepting certain circumstances, and so even when good things tend to happen we tend to close ourselves off instinctively.

If one were able to master the law of allowing they could embrace practically any situation thrown their way without worry.

Sounds about right, yeah? Anyway, thanks again for the book Greg. Looking forward to more from you.

John Callen
Portland, ME

" It Was An Eye-Opener For Me "

I hadn’t realized that improving one’s life was a matter of tweaking our minds into a state where we’re accepting of the laws that govern us in life. If you asked anyone three months ago about my state of mind, almost everyone who’s known me long enough would tell you that I’m probably the most negative person they’ve ever encountered.

But after reading Laws Of Successful Living I’ve had a change in perspective, and people are telling me that I’m different, more pleasant to be around (which is probably due to the fact that things have been looking up for me lately).

The chapter on the law of gratitude made me realize that there was so much I should be thankful for, instead of being negative about things that don’t work out. It was an eye-opener for me, and for that I have to thank you Greg.

Chris Jackson
Seattle WA

" This Book Is A Definite Must-Read. "

This book is a definite must-read.

It’s written for the average Joe in mind, it’s simple enough to understand yet comprehensive in its explanation of just how these laws play a big part in our lives.

My husband had a bit of a crisis some months back, and his self-esteem was at an all-time low. I came across this site and convinced him to give your book a try, and about three weeks into it he told me he felt better about himself and life in general. His performance at work improved as well, and he made such an impression with his boss that he was told he’d be in line for a promotion at the end of the year!

Guess those chapters on Law of Attraction and Law of Allowing really helped!

Drew B.
Toronto, CA

“ Anyone And Everyone Can Achieve A Life Of Monumental Success, Once They Recognize
And Are Able To Apply All These Six Laws
To Their Daily Lives. ”

In addition to granting me the opportunity to live a modestly successful life, I sincerely believe that these Laws have made me a better person as a whole.

However, do note that while these Laws may grant you the success you’ve sought all your life, their misuse may bring about undesirable consequences that you would not want to endure.

This is why it is crucial for you to know how these Laws are to be utilized correctly. Understanding them and how they work is the one key factor in making them work in your favor.

As a gesture of “paying it forward”, I would thus like to share these Laws of Successful Living with you.

This book was created with the intention of helping you discover the power behind these ancient Laws, Laws that have been with Mankind for centuries and yet have not been made aware of to a surprising majority.

It will reveal to you the exact blueprint of how to achieve massive success in your life by simply adhering to concepts and philosophies of past generations who have attained life success in the past.

" Rich, Famous And Well Loved? "

It can make you rich, famous, well loved, or whatever it is that you desire out of life simply by applying what you’ve learned within this book.

In the Laws of Successful Living Course you will learn:

  • A breakthrough formula to achieving a fulfilling and abundant life of joy, peace, good health, and ultimate satisfaction
  • The 3 secret steps to applying the Law of Attraction to your advantage in both business and relationships
  • Little known secrets on how to attain great achievements through the production of high energy positive vibrations of thought in accordance to the Law of Vibration
  • What you should NEVER do to get what you want out of life according to the Law of Gratitude
  • The 3 vital doors to action as stated by the Law of Karma
  • A novel concept in applying the Law of Love to your personal relationships
  • How learning the secrets of the Law of Allowing will ensure that you will receive what you desire
  • The #1 secret to triggering the miracle of successful living by applying all Six Laws to your daily life

Imagine having in your possession the secrets of the ages, the Holy Grail of success that has eluded most individuals their entire lives.

This is the knowledge of the ancients, the wisdom of luminaries of the past, and now it is almost in your grasp.

Can you truly afford to pass up the chance of achieving everything you’ve ever dreamed of in life?

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" Started To See Significant Positive Results
In My Love Life And Health. . . "

Hi Greg. The audio-book was a brilliant idea. I’m often on the move and I don’t really have time to read an ebook from behind a computer or laptop screen, so the audio-book really was brilliant. I only had to download the tracks into my iPod and I was able to listen to what you had to say anytime, anywhere. Would you believe I managed to finish the entire audio-book while stuck in rush hour traffic?

After applying some of the laws taught in your manual. I've started to see significant positive results in my love life and health.

I feel more energetic now. My wife and I have been on the best of terms for over 2 months now. Life cannot be better.

Robert Mueller
New York, NY

" Changes In My Life Have Been Nothing
Short Of Phenomenal. "

I must admit I was a little wary when I came across your site. I’ve read other similar books before, and I wasn’t sure if you had anything new to add. I decided to give it a try anyway, and I’m glad that I did. I’ve seen in Laws of Successful Living some concepts I had never come across in other books, and these concepts really contributes to my overall understanding of some of these laws.

It’s a great book for anyone who’s looking for success in their lives, because it’s simple enough for anyone to understand.

The changes in my life have been nothing short of phenomenal. And I could simply go on and on about how much your manual has changed my life for the better.

I will never be able to thank you enough Greg.

Tracy Hartford
Denver, CO

" I've Seen Tremendous Improvement In
My Ability To Attract New Business
For My Company. . . "

Let me just start off by thanking you, Greg. Laws of Successful Living really improved my life. I had read about the law of attraction once before, but I hadn’t really taken it seriously. But after reading your book I realized that there was more to it than what I had read years prior. I wasn’t aware that there were so many facets to the law of attraction.

Having applied the law into my daily life, I’ve seen tremendous improvements in my ability to attract new business for my company. But not only has it helped with my career, it has also helped me with my personal life as well. The exercises you included in the first chapter were very effective, and I got results within a week of putting them into practice!

Jared P.
Dayton, OH

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